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Weather Channel Caught Faking Wind During Hurricane Florence

Mike Seidel of the Weather Channel was caught pretending to battle the wind in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence, as two people in the background walk by visibly unaffected by the fictitious “wind.”

Pretending to have difficulty standing up to remain in the shot of the camera, the Weather Channel man said “This is about as nasty as it’s been.”

It was first pointed out by people on social media, and in a unique direction for information to flow which suggests people are having an impact on the mainstream with their social media activity, the mainstream then reported on it.

According to the NY Post:

“This is the bizarre moment a TV weatherman appeared to be caught faking his battle against gale-force winds during Hurricane Florence. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel was seemingly battling to stay upright as he filmed a piece in North Carolina — only for two pedestrians to calmly stroll past in the background.

The bizarre video racked up a million Facebook views in a matter of hours.”

To make matters worse, a Weather Channel spokesman gave a laughably absurd excuse for why he was pretending to fight the wind:

“It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1 a.m. this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted.”

The Weather Channel doesn’t think the Internet is capable of discerning a weather man being tired, from him pretending that wind is knocking him down. If that’s just him being tired, he’s tweaking.

Something strange happens every time there is a natural disaster now. It’s almost like a festival or some kind of holiday for all media outlets, television news, all of that.

Stories from the disaster come out, negative and positive, victims are tallied up, and that’s what is placed in mainstream articles about things like this as filler content.

Continuing from the NY Post:

“The deadly storm made landfall on the East Coast of the US on Friday, bringing with it “biblical” flooding in what’s been described as a “thousand-year rain event.” As of Monday morning, it had claimed at least 17 victims, with a mother and her baby crushed by a tree in North Carolina.

Police in Wilmington confirmed the mother, Lesha Murphy-Johnson, and baby Adam died, with the tot’s father rescued and rushed to the hospital. Authorities also confirmed a 78-year-old man’s body was found outside by family after he was electrocuted while trying to connect extension cords in the rain. Cops say a woman in Pender County, NC, died after suffering a heart attack but paramedics were unable to reach her due to blocked roads. A 77-year-old man also died after apparently being knocked down by the wind when he went out to check on his hunting dogs.”

The lesser discussed problems arising from the arrival of this hurricane include the nuclear material that may have been stirred up by the storm, and the mercury contaminated piles of coal fly ash in North Carolina that may contaminate water supplies with an endocrine disrupting toxin that is nearly impossible to get out of the body.