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How to make your android stylish and sexy

[iconheading type=”h2″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk”]Android Modification ( Part 1)[/iconheading] Nowadays almost everybody has their own smartphone. Android smartphone is one of the most used smartphone. Android has become one of the most popular operating system all over the world. That’s why so many companies started to produce their own branded android smartphone.

As android is an open source operating system, android become one of the most famous and most used operating system. That’s why its developer and freelance developer and various company started to modify it with various way. After this change android looks from inner more sexier and more cool. And also performance of the android increase.

So to make a android device sexy and cool we need to root it .

SO Let’s know what is root and how it works and also its advantages and disadvantages.

Actually rooting is a process which allows android user to control full systems and other subsystem in a android .(mobile, tablet, fablet etc) . As android runs on linux karnel , rooting allows user to perform on the device as an administrative.
There are so many advantages and reasons of root your android. I think you should root your android specially for some reasons. They are-

* Speed up your phone
* Increase your RAM
* Increase battery life
* Remove non-essential system   apps
* Increase all over performance of phone
* Massive customisation permission
Now let’s take a look on advantages and disadvantages of rooting android.


[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”1″] Installing Custom Roms – You can install various phone’s ROMs or custom made ROMs for your phone. Which means you have a new device with new design and style.
[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”2″] Uninstall preinstalled crapware or software– when you bought your phone , your phone don’t allow to uninstall previously installed any app. But if you root it , you can do it.
[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”3″] Install Unsupported apps – Rooting allows you to install any apps that your device actually doesn’t support.
[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”4″] Keep latest android Os – If you root your android you can always keep your phone up to date with the latest version of android.
[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”5″] Modifications on screen– After root you will able to change your screen style , notification bar style, lock screen etc using different kind of softwares.
[badge bgcolor=”#24a3e2″ value=”6″] Boost Battery and other performance– You can increase battery performance and also phone’s performance using some root supported app and also with some customisations.


[badge bgcolor=”#FF0000″ value=”1″] Brick your android – There is a risk of brick the android set which you rooted. Because some rooted apps doesn’t have reliable source. That’s why those app modify the system with wrong code . Sometimes playing with system file gone wrong. Specially these two reason cause for brick.

[badge bgcolor=”#FF0000″ value=”2″] Bye Bye warrenty – Rooting android device is against the TOS and Privacy Policy of provided company. So after root your android set completely you can’t able to get warranty service anymore.

[badge bgcolor=”#FF0000″ value=”3″] OS update problems– Sometimes after changing the ROM or changing the system ‘build.prop’ file stop update or interpreti update from provider. That’s why its tough to get the original update.

So after Comparing with these pros and cons of rooting Android device, yo choose if you need to root your Android device or not.
So if you want to know more about rooting, See this, Know more about ROOTING android devices.
Or if you’ve decided to root your android device check this , How to root any android device .


Check this video to know and also to learn more about root- 

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