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Why You should root your android phone

Do you have an android phone at your house ?I think the answer will be “Yes“. .

Because Nowadays ‘Android smartphone‘ is a common and known thing to almost all the people over the world.

As you have an android phone you should know all about the customisation of it. If you know how to do it you’ll feel more comfortable and more easy to use your android smartphone.
I think you heard about “Rooting android phone” , isn’t it ?
If the answer is nah then let’s know about it.

What is root or rooting ?

Rooting is a word which is associated or a word which is related to the word android. Rooting is a process by which you’ll get all the access that you can’t even imagine about that is called Root or rooting.

Actually its rooting means ,” You’ll enter a script by which you’ll able to do customisation, font change , theme change and you can even upgrade your android set without the permission of your Handset Company.
The main cause people avoid this root process is , you’ll lost warranty when you root your android smartphone.

Why you’ll lost your warranty ?Because your phone or android smartphone company doesn’t allow you to customise the system of your phone. They actually don’t want you to change the system which they gave to your phone. That’s why you’ll lost your warranty.

So let’s know why should you root your android smartphone ☺️☺️😅.

Oh one thing your phone won’t look gorgeous by rooting but the performance will increase and it’ll reach to high level.

So let’s know it 😅- 

  1. Performance

Mainly after rooting your phone’s inner performance will increase. You’ll no more need to see lags or hang to your phone.

  1. Remove f**king apps 

Your provider sent you some apps which are not necessary or you don’t to use them or you are disturbing by those app. If your phone is rooted you’ll able to removed those app without any trouble. But if you are not rooted you cant do this.

  1. Battery and Ram 

Your battery will start heavy savings and you ram will also save after root and after uninstalling some disturbing apps. You’ll use some ‘root apps’ which will save your battery and ram. Like “Greenify” is an app that saves battery massively.

  1. Customisation

Yeah this is an awesome part after root your android. Because here is the actual and real fun which you’ll get. You can use any android’s UI like sony phones UI or Samsung phones UI. It actually called ROM. That means you can use use any phone’s ROM to your android.

  1. Changing Font 

Some android doesn’t have the features to change font. But some companies gives the features to change android default font to some other like Xiaomi , Samsung and some models of Huawei. But those are limited. That’s why if your phone is rooted you can use any font to your phone.
But I just told some of features and some of goodies of rooting. But there are a lot of features. If you are a developer level user then you’ll know actually what is it .😂

So now wanna root ? I’ll make a tutorial on ‘How to root your android and how to customise it .’
So wait for that . If any questions feel free to comment below. I’ll answer those . 😇

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