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7 reasons why you should not buy a Lumia or a Windows phone

Lumia is a phone produced by Microsoft. No doubt, It is stylish and using Lumia was kinda sensation once. But fame does not exist forever. Now using Lumia is something stupidity.

I have been using Lumia for about two years. I was too much excited about this. It looks stylish, dashing, smart( It’s a smartphone atlest!). But I started facing lots of problems using this phone.

So, here, in this post, I am describing why you should buy an android or IOS rather than Lumia or windows phone.


  • Shortage of apps

First of all, you are going to face this problem. Lumia users suffer from app shortage badly. Most of the apps are not upgraded. As android is a open source and many companies are making android, people can pick them easily as androids are under their limited budget.

There is a huge market in “Play Store“. So most of the developers concentrated on making apps for android. On the contrary, Lumia user can be counted. So the developers do not get opportunity to earn a huge in windows “Store“, as expected. As a result, users find it difficult to get an app.

And worst of all, the apps users get form store are poorly developed!

Can you imagine, you can not make a video call on facebook messenger?
Now a days, developers are withdrawing their apps from windows store. Such as- Mx player. It was a great app to watch videos. I think, developer could not earn as they expected; they removed this app. There are lots of such kinds of things.

What can be worse than this?

  • Expense

How much is a windows phone?

You can buy atlest two good androids having better apps and easy operating system.

Then why should you buy a Lumia?

  • Battery life

You love our smartphones. You browse all the time, we are free. So battery capability is a great fact. But, here in windows phone, it is very difficult to use it a whole day. Actually it can serve only two or three hours continuously. Then you must have to charge.

Another problem is, you can not shut down the phone and charge. If you start charging it, the device will automatically restart! This means you can not operate your phone fully.

  • Poor notification system 

The notification system is unique of course. It looks sexy. But actually sucks.

  • Touch screen problem

Touch screen problem is the most irritating problem, I guess. Sometimes it works itself without your command or touch.

  • Power button problem

After using three or four months or a year, you are gonna face this problem. The power button may not work. So you may have to change your setting which enables you to wake the phone up by touch. This system can reduce your bettary life promptly.

  • Text or Messaging

While texting, you will get a message from the mobile operator when the SMS would be delivered. This oparetor’s message ensures you that the message you sent was delivered. But if you love texting and have to text a lot, then this feature is gonna irritate you most.
There are lot more problems. So I suggest you to buy an android or an iPhone. If you want something different or a stylish operating system, then I suggest BlackBerry.
Now Buddy Let’s buy a Lumia or a Windows Phone ?!😂😂😂

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