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What should you do after breakup

From Where I got the inspiration to write this article– It was very early in the morning. It’s really nice walking around and feel the fresh air. I met one of my school friends. He seemed to be in lots of troubles. I asked him if he could tell me what had happened to him. It was, he said, he just had a bad break up and now he had been feeling so much broken that he even cannot concentrate on eating. His girlfriend dumbed him … bla bla bla.. You know, it is not easy to chitchat with a person who just broke up. All I did is listening to him and kept quiet.

After coming back home, I thought about this for nearly an hour. I found it really hard to be as gay as anyone was before break up. But it is not that hard. And now I am sharing everything I found with you as you can survive this situation.

 (I had to go under this situation too. May be, I am describing what I did those days. It may help you)


  • Know thyselfIf you just had a bad break up, then It must be difficult to find out what you really want. You may think of her all the time and pass your day. It just sucks.

There must be some reasons of a break up. One of them is you were not the person who he/ she wanted or you could not handle the relationship. Be logical and find out why it happened. You may ask, “Why?”. Yeah, I have the answer. Knowing the reasons of break up sometimes teach us. Teach us “What to do and what not“. This may help you in future to carry on another relationship. You must not think that she/he is the only one with whom you have to spend the whole life.

  • Remove Your Ex- After knowing the reasons, first you need to remove him /her from your mind. Thinking about your ex will not bring him/her back. It will just make you feel worse. There are a lot of things to do. You must have some work. Concentrate on ur job and do that mindly. This will help you feel better.
  • Go shopping- Yeah. You read the right. Shopping can be the best way to forget your ex. Buy some new clothes. Get a sexy body spray. Say yourself, “I am beautiful!

  • Delete Your ex’s text– This is one of the most important things. After a break up you can read all the texts you send him/her and may want her back etc. It’s so lame man. She/ he is gone.

You must delete all the texts.

  • Watch a movie– A good movie can take you away from your daily life, even from your ex. So you can go to theater this weekend and enjoy a 2 hours thriller.
  • Meet Friends– friends are always your gays. The can make you laugh and feel you better anytime. Go and spend some times with them.

    • Watch a porn– I know, it is not a good suggestion. But believe me, this works. Watching porns reduce our emoting. This may help you get out of this maze.


  • Enjoy a book– Book are always our best companion. A classic novel can take you away form everything surrounding you. You can go solve a mistry with Robert Langdon. Did you read “The lost symbol”? If you didn’t, read it now. You may not get such an opportunity in near future.

  • Go for someone new There are 720 million people in the world. There must be someone who can understand you. There must be someone who will care for you and make you smile all the time. If you think about your ex all the time, then when would you find him/her?
  • Take it easy– “Life is not a bed of roses“- you must have read this proverb when you were kid. Believe me, it’s sent percent right. If there is no ups and downs in life, then it is not life, it is like an empty page. Break up happens. It is a part of life. So tell yourself, “I am good. I am smart. I am cool. Who cares about the *** who left me? I will find 100 times better person for me

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