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Apple products and Bangladesh

Apple is known brand over the whole world. Apple is too much unique with their products. They have their own operating system called IOS. This is one of most famous operating system among all other OS (operating system).

If we talk about android, this is also a famous operating system. This was founded by google. But various companies took this to create their own android smartphones. As android is an open source operating system, that’s why those company did that kinda job.

But if we look at Apple, their operating system is not open source. Just Apple has the ownership of IOS . Just they makes IOS devices and similar so on.

As Apple is a great , unique and reliable brand people all over the world loves it too much. So Bangladeshi people loves apple too much like all other people over the world.

But Bangladeshi peoples have some problem to get apple products.

Most of the bangladeshi people wants to use or use Apple products just for show off. Because they just don’t know about the right use of it .

This is not a major fact . To bring apple products to Bangladesh is also a challenging job. Bangladeshi government ruled a tax fee of 70% for each foreign mobile phone.

If anyone(who don’t lives in Bangladesh) want to buy a apple iPhone or iMac he goes to the nearest apple store and buy his desired product. But in Bangladesh there is no authorised dealer, sales centre or seller from Apple. So there is no reliable source that sells apple products in Bangladesh. That’s why Bangladeshi people brought Apple products from foreign by their relatives, who lives in a foreign country.

But if anybody want to import a Apples product such as iPhone, he needs to pay 70% tax for each iPhone. Say I want to import a iPhone 6 16 GB from Bangladesh.
The real price of an iPhone 6 16 GB is almost 5000 BDT. But after coming to Bangladesh it will increase to 85000 BDT. This happens just for a illegal government rule of Bangladesh.

But some bangladeshi cheater seller tries to sell refurbished apple products with cheap rate . As bangladeshi people don’t have any source or customer care from apple that’s why they buys those refurbished products as original. There are also some kind of seller who sells a massive amount of clone or master copy iPhones or macs in Bangladesh.

But there are also some reliable source to buy iPhones or iMacs in Bangladesh. They sells real and 100% original products. I personally bought Apple’s products from them. That’s why i’m suggesting those.

For iPhone – iCenter Bangladesh ( iCEnterBD)

For iMacs or MacBooks- Apple World BD (Apple world BD)

If anyone brought a iPhone or Mac he has to face some common problems in Bangladesh. Such as network problem. Bangladesh doesn’t have a good quality of network. Bangladesh runs with 3G network. But still some of area are not surrounded with 3G . Still they have 2G . That’s why if he wants to operate iPhone on that area he’ll not be able to operate it properly.

There is also a problem with language. Apple doesn’t have have any entry to open apple IDs for Bangladesh. Also there is no keyboard to write bengali on an ios device.

Apple doesn’t support Bangladeshi credit or debit cards to make app purchase in the Apple store . So if anyone wants to do that he needs to use a foreign credit card .

There are so many that faces Apple user in Bangladesh day by day .

By this article we wanted to brought out the problems which faces by Apples users day by day.

So after knowing all of these Bangladeshi government should take a step about it. So that Bangladeshi people get the best touch of Apple.

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