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Ways to listen music while charging your iPhone 7

Ways to listen music while charging your iPhone 7

Just in case you haven’t already figured it out, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus both completely away with the 3.5mm headset jack. Instead, Apple is currently driving on the business to use Lightning-established and wireless speakers and Bluetooth headset.

So with that in your mind, how will you maybe use existing headsets and speakers with your iPhone while you are trying to charge it? Well we have got four options for you that will get your brain away from the headset jack that was missing.


1. Use the Apple Lightning Dock

One alternative to the debacle is purchasing the Apple-branded Lightning Dock to use as an accessory with your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as it sits on your table.

This accessory lets you charge your iPhone with the Lightning nub that sticks out from the top, but on the rear, you will locate a 3.5mm headset jack tucked away, and a Lightning interface for power-in.

The Apple Dock can be had in various colour options for $49, or for $39 in the white colour that is fundamental Apple is known for.


2. Use speakers or Bluetooth headset

Ways to listen to music while charging your iPhone 7
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It could eventually be time to adopt the power of Bluetooth. At the midst of things, you will be getting rid of tangle-prone cables and having an encounter that is substantially more simple.

And on the other hand, the one thing people always look to whine about with Bluetooth headset is when they’re viewing videos, occasionally there’s a sound delay between the sound and what is going on in the movie as the audio is transmitted to the headset.

Apple promises they’ve solved this issue with an all-new Apple-designed Bluetooth processor in iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 and proposes using their approaching $159 wireless AirPods, that are assumed to have almost no delay in the slightest.


3. Use a Lightning adapter

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Another alternative, which will be not bad for folks who don’t use might need to use sound accessories, or docks and charge at the same time while traveling, is to utilise an adapter.

There are certain to be many adapters available that will let you carve the single Lightning interface you have into two different Lightning interfaces. The truth is, Belkin only declared one called some of Lightning headset into the other, and the Lightning Sound + Charge RockStar, that all be available in October, and will empower you to plug your Lightning charge cable into one side.

The remedy is clear here; with earphones at the same time, you can charge and listen to music with an adapter. Clearly, you still have to own a set of Lightning-established cans, which are still rather rare at this point of time.


4. Simply use your iPhone’s speakers

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Believe it or not, Apple packaged a stereo speaker system into iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7. What this means is the quality of audio should be sound high-definition and clear. If you’re in a pickle and not able use your headphones or speakers with your new iPhone because it’s charging, perhaps it’s nice to just bite the bullet and listen to some thing you might be listening to in speaker mode.

To apply speaker mode, ensure no headphones or audio system are plugged in or connected wirelessly, and play anything it is that you need to play. The sound should to then come from your iPhone’s internal speaker system instead.


Wrapping up

No solution goes to be ideal for all of us, and with all people having different kinds of accessories and using their gadgets differently, perhaps the great aspect to do is simply get with the times and upgrade your 3.5mm headphone jack accessories to wi-fi or Lightning.


What’s going to you do to charge your device and use it to listen to music at the same time? Share in the comments below!



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