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6 Principal Factors Of Hair Loss In Kids

6 Principal Factors Of Hair Loss In Kids


Can be your child losing hair for seemingly no reason? It’s improved to look for the root cause early before the small one loses their trust and substantial quantities of hair. Whether a medical or non-medical cause, it’s required to get lack of hair treated immediately.

What Causes Hair Loss in Children?

There are various factors at play with regards to loss of hair in children. While many causes need a physician’s consideration, others will work out with time on their very own. For instance! Their hair is lost by babies throughout the first months of life. Yet permanent hair eventually replaces this. In other instances, there are motives that want immediate medical attention.

Non- Medical Reasons For Baldness in Kids:

  •  Rigorous compounds used to treat hair
  • Hair dried with high temperature
  • Braids, ponytails and barrettes tied tight
  • Brushes or Combs used on wet hair, causing hair autumn

Medical Reasons For Hair Loss in Kids:

There might be various medical causes behind children losing hair, particularly children previously and aged 26 months.
1. Tinea Capitis:

Generally known as ringworm of the scalp, this is a fungal infection. It can surface as scaly spots of lack of hair on the head, either round or egg-shaped. Hair quills can be broken off at the surface of the scalp and resemble black dots.
Pediatricians prescribe:

  • Oral antifungal treatment and
  • Using an antifungal shampoo to fall shedding of the fungus.
  • It Is infectious; avoid sharing any items which come in touch with the kid’s head.

2. Alopecia Areata:

It is a noncontagious illness, due to the body’s resistance system attacking the hair roots. In addition, it surfaces without scaling or broken hairs, as glossy/smooth, round or oblong spots of lack of hair. Some children also have ridging and matching of the nails. As there is no long-term remedy, the disorder can be controlled by appropriate treatment. Some cases progress to complete hair thinning or alopecia totalis, while others lead to total loss of body hair or alopecia universalis.

3. Trichotillomania:

Children cause lack of hair rubbing their hair, plucking, wriggling, or pulling. Patches are often found on the side of the kid’s dominant hand. That is often activated by anxiety or nervousness in rsquo & the kid;s surroundings. Counselling is the finest technique to rectify the source that activated the custom.
4. Telogen effluvium:

It is a state wherein unexpected or acute anxiety interrupts the regular cycle of .hair growth. This could be caused due to:

  • really high temperature
  • operation under general anesthesia
  • the passing of a cherished one
  • a serious harm
  • because of specific drugs

In this case, the hair roots enter the resting stage and stop growing prematurely. Later it leads to excessive lack of hair, leading to complete or partial baldness. It is no treatment. Complete hair growth usually returns within 6 months to annually after the stressful event is finished.


5. Nutritional Imbalance:

Hair loss can be a symptom of deficiencies/excess in positive nutrients, inclusive of:

  • Deficiency in nutrition H, or biotin, a diet B complex, that enables to metabolize carbohydrate into glucose power.
  • Deficiency in Zinc, an critical mineral worried in cell metabolism.
  • Extra of vitamin A.

6. Endocrine Problems:

In some kids, the cause of hair loss is hypothyroidism, a circumstance in which the thyroid is underactive and produces an inadequate amount of metabolism-regulating hormones. proper pediatric guidance must be hunted for the identical.



For all medical conditions, the excellent solution is set off medical interest. Consult your pediatrician and a expert dermatologist. For youngsters undergoing cancer remedies, baldness is because of publicity to chemotherapy and radiation. On a hit prognosis, the baldness offers manner to renewed hair increase.

For other non-medical causes the following is the best solution:

  • A balanced nutritional diet
  • Typical hair care to hold the scalp clean and healthful
  • Keeping off harsh chemical treatments

Coping with Hair Loss:

If your little one has the aforementioned conditions, then recognize that it is an emotionally elaborate time for him/her. In addition to loss of self-confidence, they’re most often ridiculed or bullied due to their baldness or thinning hair. Get immediate therapy. Don’t ignore the psychological and emotional points. Acknowledge and validate their emotions. Support them work through their emotions.


Do take well timed and on the spot action for arresting hair loss. Support you little one through the hard time. With well timed intervention and treatment, your child could have a purpose to smile again! Do share your views within the feedback section below.


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